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Reduce the cost of customer acquisition

Complex onboarding processes can lead to lost time, increased support costs, and unnecessary risks to compliance. With the Onfido Real Identity Platform, you can automate customer onboarding processes and reduce the need for manual intervention.

Discover how an automated identity verification solution can help your business’ bottom line by converting more customers, reducing the need for manual review, and preventing fraud risk in our ROI calculator

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What’s my ROI potential?

How many users you convert, how many applicants your team has to manually review, and how much fraud you prevent affects your onboarding costs. Discover what an automated identity verification solution can do for your business’ bottom line in our ROI calculator. 

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How we can help you reduce customer acquisition costs

Automated verifications

Remove the need for manual verifications with an accurate, AI-powered solution that reduces the cost of customer acquisition and allows teams to better service customers and high-risk cases.

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No-code, tailored workflows

Orchestrate verification flows for region and risk level. Tailored workflows reduce the cost of customer acquisition by minimizing manual intervention. Workflows can include logic that automates next steps  for users who do not pass initial verification, so they don’t need to be reviewed manually.

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One trusted identity partner

Move away from inconsistent onboarding processes and opt for an easy-to-integrate, end-to-end identity solution. A platform approach allows you to work with one identity verification provider rather than many and saves time and cost resulting from multiple vendor agreements and integrations. Onfido is a complete solution, covering 2,500+ documents across 195 countries and offers a suite of trusted data sources so you can onboard global customers while staying compliant.

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