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Patient verification for healthcare providers

For healthcare, pharmacy, and telemedicine providers, ensure the security of your patients and their private information with digital identity verification.


Guide to Digital Identity Verification

Download this report to discover how the identity verification landscape has shifted, why healthcare providers should opt for optimized approaches to verification, and where the future of onboarding is heading.

A guide to digital identity verification

Why verify patients?

Digitally verify patient identities to prevent fraud, safeguard health records, and meet compliance requirements.

How can Onfido help?

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Create trust in seconds

Verify patient identities in seconds with low-friction, fast, and accurate document verification. Customers just snap a photo of their ID and our technology verifies it’s genuine.

Document verification
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Establish patient identity

Combine with document verification to ensure patients are who they say they are. Customers snap a selfie or turn their head in a quick video, and our AI matches their biometric profile to the photo ID.

Biometric verification
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Pre-populate forms

Automatically pre-populate sign-up forms to remove user friction, ensure data integrity, and boost conversion. Customers take a photo of their ID and our technology extracts the data.

Onfido studio

Tailor verification experiences

Build and manage patient registration experiences to meet customer and market requirements. Build no-code, drag-and-drop verification workflows to automate tailored experiences.

Onfido Studio
Onfido dashboard

AI-powered automation

Atlas delivers fully-automated identity verification with 95% of checks completed in under 10 seconds, and 54% improved fraud accuracy year-over-year.

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