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We've been listening to our customer’s feedback and heard their need to solve problems faster. Today, we’re putting more help right at their fingertips with our redesigned Customer Experience Portal. 

The portal is a one-stop shop for any customer questions or problems. Customers can submit a question, search the knowledge base, find relevant content, check the status of their cases, check previous case history, and more. 

We’ve based our new Customer Experience Portal on the Knowledge-Center Service (KCS) methodology. This is a highly effective knowledge management process used by companies worldwide to empower their customers to solve problems.

Each article in the knowledge base is written in response to common customer questions and will expand and evolve over time. They are reviewed and approved by our KCS coaches and approvers prior to publishing. Published articles are periodically reviewed for accuracy and relevance. 

All of our knowledge articles will be available to the public. A private login portal gives customers access to their company-specific details.

In addition to the knowledge base, we will also be providing at least one license to customers’ own portals so they can view their company's specific support cases. This will help avoid duplication and speed up resolution. It also allows for direct messaging on their support cases. This will ensure messages are centralized and easily trackable, plus users can see their case status.

In the future, we will continue to expand this functionality and improve our customer experience. We plan to deploy metrics, standard reports, newsletters, a full customer community, and more in the Customer Experience Portal over the coming months.

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