Integrated compliance solution
ETSI-certified identity verification

Onfido Compliance Suite

Meet complex local regulatory needs and remotely onboard customers across Europe with an off-the-shelf compliance solution. Onfido’s Compliance Suite combines ETSI-certified identity verification with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) and One-time Password (OTP) to offer simple, seamless, and eIDAS-compliant onboarding.


38 seconds faster

Average results delivery compared to previous provider

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2X increase

In customer acquisition with a streamlined KYC process

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80% faster

To onboard new customers with a smarter approach to KYC

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1 week

To market-ready integration with Onfido’s developer experience

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Why choose ETSI-certified identity verification?

Streamlined UX

One, unified onboarding flow

No live video calls. No randomized tasks. Onfido’s Compliance Suite combines ETSI-certified identity verification with QES and OTP into one, streamlined onboarding workflow. The user experience is simple and seamless with 95% of results delivered in under 10 seconds.

Off-the-shelf solution

Certified compliance package

Onfido’s Compliance Suite is an off-the-shelf, eIDAS-compliant onboarding solution for regulated industries, such as financial services. ETSI-certified identity verification (comprising document verification, biometric verification, and Device Intelligence) and QES are brought together in Onfido Studio, creating a flexible, user-friendly, and compliant end-to-end workflow.

Document verification

Create confidence in customer identities by verifying photo IDs. Repeat Attempts detect any repeat ID document usage.

Document verification

Biometric verification

Match the photo on the ID to a real person and protect against stolen IDs and impersonation fraud. Known Faces checks for repeat bad actors.

Biometric verification

Device Intelligence

Detect suspicious behavior without adding friction. Device Intelligence leverages geolocation, network information, and emulator detection.

Device Intelligence

Qualified Electronic Signature

Effortlessly add remote signing after the identity verification flow, all within a single experience.


One-time Password

OTP verification provides an additional layer of assurance alongside QES by confirming an applicant's phone number.

Onfido Studio

The mission control center — manage the entire end-to-end workflow in one platform. Pre-approved workflow templates are available to customize.

Onfido Studio
Local regulations

Understand onboarding regulations in your region


Onfido’s Compliance Suite helps us to meet local compliance regulations in all the countries we are expanding in while maintaining a consistently high-quality user experience that our customers have come to expect. With Onfido, we are now able to build a high-performing, secure and convenient onboarding experience that will unlock our ability to scale across multiple geographies quickly.

Jeremy Ricordeau, Chief Operating Officer, Lemonway

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Compliance certifications

Onfido’s solution is certified against ETSI TS 119 461 and ETSI EN 319 401, and meets eIDAS Regulation EU 910/2014. It’s also certified against high confidence profiles H1A and H2 under the UK Government's Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.